John Glover's "Lucy" Receives D.C. Performances and Press

Critical acclaim via the Washington Post

Composer John Glover and librettist Kelley Rourke's poignant chamber opera, featuring baritone Andrew Wilkowske and the Red Shift Ensemble, received its East Coast premiere run of performances at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington D.C., hosted by UrbanArias.
The Washington Post reviewed the performance, writing, "As unlikely as it may seem, the true story of Lucy, a chimpanzee “adopted” at birth in 1964 by a human family and raised for 11 years in suburbia as a daughter, turns out to be the backbone of a compelling opera." "The score doesn’t call for vocal acrobatics or for a particularly big range and only occasionally for bursts of passion. What it needs, and what it got from Wilkowske, is subtle shades of wistfulness, impatience and wonder, all bolstered by the endurance it takes to be alone onstage for an hour."

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