July releases celebrate the art of the Long Piece

Three new recordings of album length compositions

New Focus will release three recordings in July that all feature album length works. Bucking the trend of streaming single short tracks, we are highlighting the creativity and architectural design that goes into conceiving a grand musical gesture.

Composer and guitarist Richard Carrick releases his introspective collection of studio composed electric guitar works, Stone Guitars. Carrick's process in creating these pieces is responsible for a wonderful balance between spontanaeity and design -- he improvised several layers for the works without using pre-recorded tracks as a reference, and then assembled them meticulously, creating a structure from "found" materials of his own creation. He will perform works from the album at a CD release event on June 27 at Whitebox NYC on an Either/Or sponsored event.

Andrew Violette's seventy minute long Sonata for Guitar is the last in a series of neo-baroque album length works he has written for solo string instruments. Performed here by guitarist Dan Lippel, the work is a fascinating blend between traditionalist and subversive, combining a three voice Fugue and Chaconne with a twenty five minute "Colorfield" movement that remains on the same harmony with subtle arpeggiated rhythmic differences throughout.

Rounding out the month's releases is pianist Omri Shimron's incisive and very personal account of Frederic Rzewski's iconic Marxist inspired work, The People United Will Never be Defeated. With a cadenza that merges themes from the Chilean Marxist song that inspired Rzewski's variations with Zionist songs from Shimron's parents childhood on an Israeli kibbutz, this performance of a canonical work deepens insight into the roots of Rzewski's inspiration and its universal applicability.

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