Adam Silverman: Sturm

, composer


The compositions of Adam Silverman reflect his adventurous curiosity—he’s written music in many styles, from tonal to microtonal, from minimal to maximal, but the music is always direct, expressive, and expertly crafted.


# Audio Title/Composer(s) Performer(s) Time
Total Time 55:06

Sturm (2002)

Amy Barston, cello, James Stern, violin, Audrey Andrist, piano
01I. Forcefully, with Bite
I. Forcefully, with Bite
Amy Barston, cello, James Stern, violin, Audrey Andrist, piano6:26
02II. Tenderly, with Passion
II. Tenderly, with Passion
Amy Barston, cello, James Stern, violin, Audrey Andrist, piano8:11
03III. Swiftly, with Aggression
III. Swiftly, with Aggression
Amy Barston, cello, James Stern, violin, Audrey Andrist, piano4:39

Nocturnes and Reveries (2004)

Audrey Andrist, piano
04I. Fleeting
I. Fleeting
Audrey Andrist, piano1:06
05II. Sentimentally
II. Sentimentally
Audrey Andrist, piano2:41
06III. Agitated
III. Agitated
Audrey Andrist, piano2:24
07IV. Tenderly
IV. Tenderly
Audrey Andrist, piano1:47
08V. Dolce, Sostenuto
V. Dolce, Sostenuto
Audrey Andrist, piano3:03
09VI. Sprightly
VI. Sprightly
Audrey Andrist, piano2:43
10Ricochet (2004)
Ricochet (2004)

Corrie Q's Jigs and Reels (String Quartet #3) (2005)

The Corigliano Quartet
11I. Sophie's Set (jigs)
I. Sophie's Set (jigs)
The Corigliano Quartet4:11
12II. Slippery Waltz
II. Slippery Waltz
The Corigliano Quartet4:58
13III. The Hopping Needle (reels)
III. The Hopping Needle (reels)
The Corigliano Quartet4:17

Some composers are manically focused, repeating themselves in some way or another throughout their entire lives, honing in and perfecting a single notion in its multiple extremes—from Rossini to Reich, Lassus to Lutoslawski—while others are absorbent, exploring multiple strands of possibilities, moods and stripes, among them Stravinsky, Poulenc, Schoenberg, Andriessen, and the composer of the music on this disc, Adam Silverman.

Neither sort of artist is preferable to the other (where would we be without Reich’s razor-focus and Stravinsky’s wanderings?) but it does say a lot about the person and personality of the composer who chooses to go rogue, even from themselves. The compositions of Adam Silverman reflect his adventurous curiosity—he’s written music in many styles, from tonal to microtonal, from minimal to maximal. He seems to have settled, at least in the last half decade, on music favored by melody and lush, piquant harmonies, music with clear forms and elegant instrumental lines. But what he retains throughout all of the four pieces on this disc is a generous spirit and a caring, inviting approach to music making. The music sings for something just out of reach while being entrancing and gorgeous—which is what all good music ought to do." -- Daniel Felsenfeld

Recorded 12/07, and 5/07 in the Recital Hall and Concert Hall at SUNY Purchase, NY
Engineered and Produced by Judith Sherman
Engineering and Editing Assistant: Jeanne Velonis
Liner Notes by Daniel Felsenfeld
Design by Calabaza Studios
Photography by Joel Silverman
Sturm: James Stern, violin; Amy Sue Barston, cello; Audrey Andrist, piano
Nocturnes and Reveries: Audrey Andrist, piano
Ricochet: Strata (Nathan Williams, clarinet; James Stern, violin and viola; Audrey Andrist, piano)
Corrie Q's Jigs and Reels: The Corigliano Quartet (Michael Jinsoo Lim, violin: Lina Bahn, violin; Melia Watras, viola; Amy Sue Barston, cello)

Adam Silverman

Adam Silverman (born 1973 in Atlanta, GA) is a composer who lives in Swarthmore, PA. He teaches music composition, theory, songwriting and orchestration as Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition at West Chester University and works actively creating new compositions that are performed on concerts worldwide.Silverman's compositions feature a broad variety of instrumental and vocal settings, and his most frequently performed works have been for opera, percussion ensemble, cello (including many compositions for accompanied and unaccompanied solo cello, and both original works and arrangements for cello choirs). Most recently, he has composed a string of concertos: one for saxophone and wind ensemble, one for marimba and wind ensemble, and a double concerto for violin, cello and orchestra.

As a youth, Silverman began his musical training as a pianist and taught himself to play guitar. By age 16, he was writing original songs and performing in local bars where, were he not in the band, he would have been refused entry as an underage patron. At college, he began to study classical music and composed his first works, studying at Tulane University, the University of Miami, The Vienna Musikhochshule, and earning graduate degrees at The Yale School of Music. He continued his training as a composer through participation at summer music festivals including Tanglewood, where he received the prestigious ASCAP-Leonard Bernstein Fellowship.

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