Michael Hersch featured in New York Times/Ojai Festival

New album with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, ICE, Tito Muñoz, and Orpheus releases on July 6

Michael Hersch was the subject of a NY Times arts section profile recently, chronicling his close collaboration with violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, this year's artistic director of the Ojai Festival. The article delved into the sources of inspiration for Hersch's work, particularly his painful encounters with cancer, which has afflicted close members of his family, colleagues, and himself when he was in his 30's. These face to face interactions with life threatening illness have transformed Hersch's perspective on art and life, and pervade his works, which do not shy away from direct and occasionally uncomfortable portrayals of the darker sides of human experience.

His forthcoming release with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, ICE, Tito Muñoz, and Orpheus features his powerful Violin Concerto and his work about the final phase of terminal illness, end stages. It will be out on July 6.

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