New Focus Titles on 2018 Year End Lists

We're always honored to see our albums make it onto year-end best of lists, and we'll compile all of them on this page as they come in.

Sequenza21 - Best Instrumental and Recital CDs of 2018: Jacob Greenberg's "Hanging Gardens" with Tony Arnold and Josh Modney's "Engage" both made the list

5 Against 4 - Best Albums of 2018: Christopher Trapani's "Waterlines" made the list at #33

National Sawdust Log Journal - Notable Recordings and Label of the Year: Steve Smith's 2018 recordings roundup lists New Focus as "Label of the Year", and listings of Wang Lu's "Urban Inventory" and Du Yun's "Dinosaur Scar" and Suzanne Farrin's "dolce la morte", both on the TUNDRA imprint

AnEarful - Top 25 Albums of 2018: Olivia De Prato ("Streya"), Christopher Trapani ("Waterlines"), Du Yun ("Dinosaur Scar", with International Contemporary Ensemble on their TUNDRA imprint), and Nils Vigeland, Reiko Füting, Dan Lippel and John Popham ("...through which the past shines...") all made the list

Second Inversion - Top 10 Albums Of 2018: Ken Thomson's "Sextet" made the list

Sequenza21 - Best of 2018 Composer Portrait CDs: Christian Carey included Reiko Füting's "Distant Song", Dmitri Tymoczko's "Fools and Angels", and Christopher Trapani's "Waterlines" on his list of best composer portrait albums

Bandcamp Daily - The Best Contemporary Classical Albums of 2018: Peter Margasak includes Mabel Kwan's album "Georg Friedrich Haas: Trois Hommages", Josh Modney's "Engage", and Robert Honstein's "An Economy of Means"

I Care If You Listen - 2018 Editor's Picks: Amanda Cook includes Du Yun's "Dinosaur Scar" and Duo Noire's "Night Triptych" for her list

Boston Globe - Great Boston-Area Classical Albums of 2018: Transient Canvas' second album "Wired" made the list

NewMusicBox 2018 Staff Picks: Frank J. Oteri, Composer Advocate and Co-Editor for NewMusicBox, chose Quince Ensemble's "Motherland" as one of his favorite albums of the year

New Music Buff - My 2018 In The Arts: Allan J. Cronin includes Eric Moe's "Uncanny Affable Machines" and Jacob Greenberg's "Hanging Gardens" with Tony Arnold on his year end list

The New Yorker - Notable Performances and Recordings of 2018: Alex Ross lists albums by Wang Lu ("Urban Inventory") and TUNDRA releases by Du Yun ("Dinosaur Scar") and Suzanne Farrin ("dolce la morte") on his year end list

Textura - Top 20 Classical CDs: Frederic Hand's "Samatureya" comes in at #2, Jacob Greenberg's "Hanging Gardens" with Tony Arnold at #8, and Reuben Blundell with the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra on "American Romantics III" at #15

Sequenza21 - Best Violin Concerto 2018: For Michael Hersch's Violin Concerto, written for and performed by Patricia Kopatchinskaja with the International Contemporary Ensemble on Hersch's album "end stages, Violin Concerto"

Textura - Ten Favourite Labels 2018

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