New Focus releases on 2021 Grammy Ballot

2021 Ballot For Your Consideration

Several New Focus releases are on the first round ballot for the 2021 Grammy awards. The relevant albums/tracks are all currently streamable on their New Focus album pages, please take a listen and if you are a voting member, please consider voting for these albums!

Ryan Streber: Best Engineered Album, Classical for: Against Method, [counter)induction]; Mobili [Georgina Rossi and Sylvie Cheng]; Vespro Della Beata Virgine [Tenet Vocal Artists, Green Mountain Project], Cavatine [Duo Stephanie and Saar]

Wang Lu/Gil Rose/Boston Modern Orchestra Project: An Atlas of Time (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance) (Best Contemporary Classical Composition)

George Lewis/Claire Chase/Levy Lorenzo: Emergent (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance), Seth Parker Woods: Not Alone [George Lewis] (Best Classical Instrumental Solo)

counter)induction: Against Method album; Boyce: The Hunt By Night, track (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance), Boyce: Sails Knife Bright in a Seasonal Wind, Tedesco: Scherzo (Best Contemporary Classical Composition)

The Crossing/Donald Nally/Paul Vazquez/Kevin Vondrak: Rising w/ The Crossing (Best Choral Performance), David Lang: Protect Yourself from Infection (Best Contemporary Classical Composition), (Producer of the Year)

Scott Wollschleger/Karl Larson: Dark Days (Best Classical Instrumental Solo) (Best Contemporary Classical Composition for Tiny Oblivion)

TENET Vocal Artists/Green Mountain Project; Vespro Della Beata Virgine (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance)

Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra/Reuben Blundell: American Discoveries (Best Orchestral Performance)

Georgina Rossi/Sylvie Cheng: Mobili (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance)

Akropolis Reed Quintet: Ghost Light (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance), Jeff Scott: Homage to Paradise Valley (Best Contemporary Classical Composition), (Best Engineered Album, Classical, Dave Schall)

Eric Lyon/Nicholas De Maison/String Noise/International Contemporary Ensemble: Giga Concerto (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance) (Best Contemporary Classical Composition)

Susie Ibarra/Claire Chase/Alex Peh: Talking Gong (Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance) (Best Classical Instrumental Solo for Kolubri)

Pascal le Boeuf: Forbidden Subjects [Real Loud] (Best Instrumental Composition)

Eric Huebner: Désordre [Gyorgy Ligeti] (Best Classical Instrumental Solo)

Daniel Lippel/John Schneider: Aufs Lautenwerk [J.S. Bach] (Best Classical Instrumental Solo) (Best Engineered Album, Classical [John Schneider/Ryan Streber]) (Producer of the Year)