Dan Lippel, Elizabeth Weigle, Flexible Music, Erin Lesser, Jeffrey Irving, Peter Gilbert

Dan Lippel, Sustenance


Sustenance is a concept album including several new chamber pieces involving guitar. All the larger pieces are linked together by electronic "passages" by composer Peter Gilbert and in two cases with guitar improvisations by Dan Lippel. These "passages" manage the transitions between musical spaces, erecting a sort of musical architecture that the album rests on. Music is architecture in time; ritual is architecture in time; music is ritual.

Track Listing

Daniel Lippel, guitar; Elizabeth Weigle, soprano; Erin Lesser, flute; Jeffrey Irving, percussion; Flexible Music (Eric Huebner, piano; Haruka Fujii, percussion; Tim Ruedeman, saxophone; Daniel Lippel, guitar)

Vineet Shende (b. 1973)
Sonetos de Amor (2003)
1. Soneto II- With Blossoming Joy
2. Soneto XLVI- With Tenderness and Wonder
3. Soneto LXVII- With Driving Intensity   
4. Soneto LXXXI
Peter Gilbert (b. 1975)
5. Passage I
Orianna Webb (b. 1974)
6. Sustenance Variations (2004)   
7. Passage II (Gilbert)
Adam B. Silverman (b. 1973)
8. Three Fell Swoops (2004)   
9. Passage III (Gilbert)
John Link (b. 1962)
10. For Irving Lippel (2004)  
11. Passage IV (Gilbert) (listen)   
Joseph Pereira (b. 1974)
12. Bento Box (2001) (listen)   
13. Passage V (Gilbert)
Seung-Ah Oh (b. 1969)
14. So-Ri I (2001)
15. Final Passage (Gilbert)

all works in their premiere recordings


Recorded 3/05-8/05 in Huntington, Long Island, and New York City, and 1/07 at William Paterson University, NJ
Recording Engineer/Editing/Post-Production: Ryan Streber
Producers: Peter Gilbert, Daniel Lippel, John Link
Cd Layout Design: Ellen Butters

Shende: Elizabeth Weigle, soprano; Daniel Lippel, guitar
Webb and Silverman: Flexible Music
Link: Jeffrey Irving, percussion; Daniel Lippel, guitar
Pereira: Erin Lesser, flute; Jeffrey Irving, percussion; Daniel Lippel, guitar
Oh: Erin Lesser, flute; Daniel Lippel, guitar
Passages: Peter Gilbert, electronics; Daniel Lippel, guitar (Passage IV and V)

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Track Time Preview Cost +Add
1 Shende: Soneto II 4:29 $0.99
2 Shende: Soneto XIVI 2:57 $0.99
3 Shende: Soneto LXVII 3:05 $0.99
4 Shende: Soneto LXXXI 5:18 $0.99
5 Gilbert: Passage I 1:30 $0.00 Free Downloads
6 Webb: Sustenance Variations 10:11 $1.89
7 Gilbert: Passage II 1:38 $0.00 Free Downloads
8 Silverman: Three Fell Swoops 12:11 $1.89
9 Gilbert: Passage III 1:13 $0.00 Free Downloads
10 Link: For Irving Lippel 7:22 $1.49
11 Gilbert/Lippel: Passage IV 1:35 $0.00 Free Downloads
12 Pereira: Bento Box 8:46 $1.49
13 Gilbert/Lippel: Passage V 1:08 $0.00 Free Downloads
14 Oh: So-Ri I 9:41 $1.89
15 Gilbert: Final Passage 4:00 $0.99

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American Record Guide

“In contrast, the six composers of the works on Sustenance have deliberately created a cohesive album-as-work. Where dim sum (and Dim Sum) is a whole bunch of little things to take in more or less at once, this work is a series of courses, each section discreet but in its larger place, in proportion and harmony with what comes before and after. In between songs and chamber pieces, Peter Gilbert has composed electronic "Passages" (perhaps the wine for each course?) not always explicitly musically derived from the pieces before or after but structurally and atmospherically linking them so that the whole 75 minutes plays without break. It's very interesting and beautifully performed. Elizabeth Weigle singing Vineet Shende's Sonetos de Amor is particularly outstanding. Orianna Webb's Sustenance Variations for Flexible Music, a quartet of percussion, piano, saxophones, and guitar, is exciting, even in the still passages, and entirely convincing. John Link's duo For Irving Lippel has some captivating, restrained moments where the resonances of guitar and vibraphone are allowed to shimmer and blur in an exquisite way. The whole forms a pleasing arc of textural and timbral density.”

American Record Guide March/April 2008

Guitar Review

"Daniel Lippel keeps on keepin' on with this recording of contemporary guitar music, featuring a variety of distinguished, guest performers including flautist Erin Lesser, vocalist, Elizabeth Weigle, and the exciting ensemble Flexible Music. Going somewhat all over the map here, Lippel still manages to wow us with his instrumental prowess. Orianna Webb's Sustenance Variations is an exciting piece of compositional decision making, and Seung-Ah Oh's So-Ri I is a rewarding trip to the auditory snack bar. Fans of new guitar music can look forward to his next release, as Mr. Lippel continues to promote new music for our friend, the guitar."

Guitar Review #135, Summer 2008