Support Artists on the New Focus Catalogue through Bandcamp

Bandcamp initiative through April 30

Many of the artists with recordings in the New Focus catalog are freelancers who are very hard hit by current cancellations. As a small way to try and help, New Focus is waiving our label share of all sales coming through our Bandcamp page, from March 14 until April 30, paying artists 100% of net proceeds from those sales on a regular basis as they come in. So far, from March 14-April 1, we have been able to send $2930 out directly to artists as a result of the wonderful generosity of listeners who took advantage of this opportunity.

Different labels have different sales breakdowns and different operating models, and many of our colleague labels either pay all sales to artists all the time, or are adjusting their model during this crisis as well. Check out their music too! We realize recording sales even in the best case scenario will likely not represent resources that will solve anyone's imminent financial problems. But hopefully this is another small way (amongst many others, see links below) that those who would like to support artists directly, and who also have newly found time to listen to great music, can do so. Physical sales through online retailers also remains a great way to support artists who have released their recordings on CD for those listeners who prefer that format.

One of the most attractive qualities of streaming services is that they avoid crowding your device with downloaded files. A possible solution -- if you buy the album on Bandcamp and stream through another service, the artists have still received money directly in a difficult time, while the additional plays help boost the album's streaming numbers. Bandcamp also has a great streaming app if that's your preferred way of listening.

Also, thanks to the JACK Quartet and International Contemporary Ensemble for posting links to larger initiatives that provide resources to artists suffering under the current wave of cancellations:

Find out more (external link)