Brooklyn Rail features New Focus

Calls the label "a star-power new music label"

George Grella of the Brooklyn Rail featured New Focus among several excellent labels in an article published on October 4, 2016, entitled, "Trust in the Labels." Here are his words about New Focus:

"A star-power new music label, around since 2003, that has embraced digital media, especially digital music libraries and streaming services, with an optimistic view that digital will eventually lead to fair returns for composers and musicians. They can take credit for recording some of the finest new music in some of the most beautiful performances, including the stunning debut from Chicago ensemble, more or less, with pieces by Jürg Frey; Claire Chase’s tremendous solo flute album, Density; Garden of Diverging Paths, an excellent recording by the Mivos String Quartet; the hilarious and unsettling song cycle RE: you, by Robert Honstein; and even the beautiful collection Cranford: Consort Music for 4, 5 & 6 Viols, from the early music group Le Strange Viols. Consider this purely random cherry picking, because there is nothing I’ve heard from the label that is not terrific."

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